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R-value Home Insulation Tips
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It's important to remember when buying home insulation, that the home insulation materials with the highest r-value may not be the most cost-effective. When insulating your basement wall to an r-value of r-12, it might be less expensive to use 2 layers of home insulation materials with an r-6 r-value rating instead of 3 r-4 r-value rated home insulation materials. Just because the home insulation is the most expensive, doesn't mean it's the best.
Another home insulation tip is to buy your home insulation based on its r-value not its weight or thickness. Also, if you are installing fiberglass home insulation remember that the fiberglass is made of glass strands. When you touch or bend fiberglass home insulation, you become itchy. This is because the glass breaks and gets into your hands or skin which is something most people don't realize. The last and most important tip for home insulation is to protect your insulation from water and moisture. Just 4% moisture in your insulation can reduce the thermal efficiency, in that area, by up to 70%. For this reason, protecting your homes r-value is extremely important.


Installing Home Insulation
tile r-value defination Installing home insulation yourself, in your attic or basement, can save you money. However, other home insulation jobs such as, insulating basement walls and foundations are more difficult and time consuming. In these cases, installing home insulation by professional's might be the wise choice.

To help keep your home insulation free of moisture use concrete r-value tables dimpled membrane. It can be easily installed by do it yourselfers with common tools. It provides a permanent barrier against moisture from entering your home insulation while protecting your homes r-value.


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