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What is R value?
furnace insulation r value heat loss
R value insulation ratings are used to measure insulations ability to resist heat flow. The higher the R value, the more effective it is. House Insulation should be purchased based on its R value, not thickness or weight.


Facts About R value
will the critical value of r decrese as n increases Some quick facts about R value are:

  • One type of insulation maybe thicker or thinner, but if the R value is the same they should insulate equally.

  • R value performance testing is done in a 70 F environment with no air movement. Ironically enough, when you need insulation the most you're generally not in these ideal temperatures or conditions. This can result in the rated house insulation R value being higher than the actual effective R value.

  • The average recommended R value of insulating material for basement insulation in North America is R-12.

  • The R value in house insulation is substantially lowered when there's any air or water/moisture leaks.

  • The standard R value for house insulation varies based on climate and temperature

  • 1 inch of insulation is = to 30 inches of concrete.

There are different types of house insulation materials, each having a different R value.
Some of the best insulation materials are:
  • House Insulation R value of Blown in Cellulose Insulation is 3.70 per inch

  • House Insulation R value of Fiberglass Insulation is 3.14 per inch

  • House Insulation R value of Expanded Polystyrene is 4.00 per inch


Table of R Value
r value prices of insulation
Some quick facts about R value are:


R value for house insulation

table of r value for house
insulation standards


The house insulation r value of insulating boards are:
Expanded polystyrene     4.00 per inch
Extruded polystyrene      5.00 per inch
Polyisocyanurate &
Polyurethane                  6-7 per inch


Protecting Your House Insulation and its R value
k value r value hearth
Protecting your house insulation and keeping your R value high is extremely important. Water is one of the biggest concerns in regards to R value and house insulation. If moisture/water gets into your house insulation, it lowers the R value. The moisture will weigh down the insulation leaving gaps and bare spots.
table of r value Dimpled Membrane provides a permanent barrier against water/moisture from entering your home. It protects your house insulation and its R value by helping keep your home dry and healthy.
r value polyethylene helps protect and increase the life expectancy of your house insulation and its R value.


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table of r value


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